Happy Birthday, Jason

Today is Jason’s birthday. He would have been 29 years old. I miss you, my precious Mr. Jay. I love you with my whole heart.

Very early on the morning of Jason’s 19th birthday, I woke up and wrote the following letter. I put it in his room so he could find it when he woke up.

July 29, 2001

My dear sweet Jason – Here you are turning 19 – I can hardly believe it!

I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you some things that are on my heart on this birthday – I know it’s not a “momentous” one, per se – like the” big” numbers 16, 18 or 21 – but with each passing year, I know you are headed more and more out the door – making a life for yourself – which is as it should be……….

But I just wanted to tell you how precious you are to me – and how glad I am that you are in our family. My boy – so totally awesome!!! You have been such a ray of sunshine in my life – you’ll never know how much!!

When I think back – there are so many precious memories that play in my mind. Your precious hugs. Your joyous laughs when I’d tickle you when you were a baby – you were the most fun baby I’ve ever seen. You and Justin – bottle buddies. Your empathy – do you remember that book Aunt Faye sent to us about how things work – and there was a picture of this kid crying over sand on his hands – I think the question was how tear ducts work – but you’d sit there looking at the picture and almost cry over it because you just knew how that kid felt – he didn’t want that sand on his hands. We finally had to get rid of that book – it would automatically fall open to that page – and it would make you so sad. How hard you worked on memorizing all those Awana scriptures – and they had to put a limit on how many each kid could say in a week because of you – at the largest church in the entire Northwest! Your heart to do the right thing – over and over and over again in so many situations. How you’ve been such a good brother to Jenna. How you take time for your friends – you are such a good friend to so many people. When you drove for the first time – and almost hit a fence – and then told me it was nothing like a video game. How you take time for Michael – doing something fun for him – just because. So many fun memories – they just go on and on.

You just totally amaze me!! Whoever you marry is one lucky girl – I hope she appreciates you always. Your employer is one lucky company. Your friends

Jason turns 19 - July 29, 2001

are lucky people. Wherever you go, you will be a blessing. I continue to pray for you in your decisions – work, school, friends, spouse. I have prayed for you your whole life – and I’m not stopping now. Follow God with your whole heart, sweet boy. He has special plans for you.

I love you,


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