Tableful of kids

Tableful of kids

From my journal dated October 11, 2002:

Eric’s friend, Jon, came by about 2:30 today. I’m so glad he came by to spend time with Eric. They rode bikes, played cards, planned some contraption or other to build. 23 years old…but still boys inside.

Jon just walks in the house and makes himself at home. He stayed for dinner…it’s so nice to have another person to cook for. I miss having all the “kids” around. I still cook for so many people…too much. It’s hard to cut back to “just us.”

I miss those times so much. I loved having a tableful of kids – James, Justin, Jordan, Ryan, Alina, on and on. It was so much fun! So much life, so much laughter.

No wonder our house is excruciatingly quiet now. It’s all gone.


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