Alina’s Birthday

From my journal dated December 12, 2002:

Alina's surprise 18th birthday party

Alina would have been 21 today. I’m sure this is a tough day for her family.

This morning I was thinking about the surprise birthday party Jason and Hannah planned for Alina when she turned 18. That was so much fun – to so successfully surprise Alina, to have all those kids in our house, to be a just a small part of something that obviously gave Alina such happiness.

In my mind, I can still picture Alina, Jason, Hannah and all the other kids in our home that day – having so much fun together. They were all such good friends. I think I still have the birthday candles from the cake somewhere – chunky, yellow and green number 18.

Happy birthday, Alina. Miss you.

© 2011 Rebecca R. Carney


2 thoughts on “Alina’s Birthday

  1. Wow, that reminds me of how much I miss some of Steanie’s friends. We really lose a lot don’t we whenour children leave us. Not just them but all the firends and joy they also bring to our lives.
    Thanks, I’m going to make a point of sending them a note.
    God Bless!

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