Blog Recommendation – A Fellow Griever

I’d like to recommend an excellent blog by Pamela Haddock. Pamela has such a beautiful, clear ability to communicate on the subject of grief and the death of a child. The words she writes paint complete pictures that rival the completeness and beauty of her own paintings. I am in awe of this talented woman. I’m so sorry that her writing has been precipitated by the loss of her precious son.

Some of Pamela’s topics:

Suggestions for the bereaved and friends


Taking photographs

Simple gifts

If you have not yet discovered Pamela’s site yet, I hope you will take the time to discover it now. You will be so thankful you did!

9 thoughts on “Blog Recommendation – A Fellow Griever

  1. Thank you so much for kind words. I wish we were not on this journey. I appreciate all the support I receive from people like you who understand. I am so sorry that you do. Heartfelt wishes for days when you can live gently with the hours.
    Pam H.

  2. Thank you for this. Besides the loneliness of missing my husband the loneliness of loss friendships has been the most difficult thing to deal with. As a believer I am aware that God is with me but when a once close friend and prayer partner that I never heard from after his funeral told me “not a day goes by that I don’t pray for you” . My response was “I could use you to pray WITH me” . I haven’t heard from her since. So we mourn our loss and then we mourn relationships lost.

  3. I know what you say about it is a pity that people have to suffer grief to write eloquently about it but I do not think there is any other way.,Fortunate indeed is the person who is not stricken with loss and deep grief but what have they to write about? You may have noticed my blogs hint at a loss and though I have not stated what it is it informs all i WRITE. iT has been good talking with you. I hope we keep exchanging comments.

    I am about to put up a new blog — a funny one — but if you read it you will see that it is about loss

  4. I know also that some are stricken with a loss so profound that others wonder how they bear it. My heart goes out to you in your loss. It is something we can never really understand

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