The Courage to Reveal Our Hurts

In her blog today, Elizabeth Macaulay said the following regarding loss and the trust and courage required to speak about that loss:

“It is no small thing, this sharing. When we allow others to hear our hearts and our hurts, we’re gracing them with our trust that they will hear our hearts without taking over, and that they will breathe with us and bear witness to the fierce hurts that mark our souls.”

Revealing the hurts in one’s heart and entrusting a broken heart to others – not knowing for sure how gently it will be handled – is not an easy thing to do. As Ms. Macaulay said regarding supporting those who deeply grieve, “Maybe one of the greatest gifts we can give each other is the midwifing of tears.”

© 2012 Rebecca R. Carney

7 thoughts on “The Courage to Reveal Our Hurts

  1. Oh my goodness…this is exactly part of the fear I’ve been living with that I’m learning to let go of.Brandon was not a part of my life when Reed died.So even though I know he loves me more than anything I get scared to open up with him just how heartbroken I am because ….it’s still so raw and real and how on earth can another person handle this?

  2. Thank you for gracing us with your trust that we will hear your heart without taking over, and allowing us to bear witness to the fierce hurts that mark your soul. You are so good at pressing us to share in this midwifing of tears. I am grateful for your voice. ~ Paulann

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