Guest Blogger – Joe Carney: There is a good side of grief

Guest blogger: written by my husband, Joe:

How would we see life if hardships did not come or loss of someone’s life did not come? Is life all roses or are there thorns also?

Grief works in many ways we don’t understand concerning the ones we have loved and lost. We never really know and recognize completely those that belong to our lives until they are gone. Fond memories of my parents have remained with me; their guidance and love prevailed when, at earlier times, I could only see discipline and correction.

Those we love are so close we fail to see them as they really are – blessings in disguise and love gifts from God our Father. He knows what you need and places these blessings and love gifts where you are. How great a God and Father He has been to me. Even though this is true, I don’t always see what is before me.

Grieving a loss is what makes us realize that our life is important and special to those around us. Not being able to care or grieve must make life so hard. Let the grieving process proceed; it will change you forever. I didn’t know losing a son could be so hard and yet so rewarding at the same time. Tragic, yes. Blessed, yes. It is the process of a loving Father in His wisdom for you to enable you to see all of life from a perspective that you did not know.

I look to the future when I will see my son Jason again for all eternity. I am blessed to know he gave his life for God when he was very young. Jason’s life showed that he was marked for greatness that only God could give. I look with anticipation for that day when all wrongs turn out right. In the meantime, I am here, knowing Jason was here for a great  purpose.

© 2012 Rebecca R. Carney

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Joe Carney: There is a good side of grief

  1. I stand in awe and respect! To come through the intensity of loss and be able to still feel pain measured with a strong view of eternity and God’s richness, is something that teaches me, and I will hold onto when life gets hard for me. Blessings. Debra

  2. I love this. I lost a dear friend this week and as you know a child 8 years ago.When i got the phone call this week about my friend I did spend the rest of the week reflecting back on what an impact he had on my life during the short time he was in my life.

  3. Thank you for sharing how grief, love, and loss have changed you. There is so much I have learned by being open to the perseptive others have to offer. I’m sorry for your loss, and I thank you for writing and sharing about your experience. Sarah

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