Remembering Alina

This morning I am remembering and honoring Jason’s best friend Alina on her 32nd birthday. She and Jason spent part of their last day together here on earth. He was taking her home after watching a movie at our house when they were broadsided by a drunk driver who was going more than twice the speed limit. They both died instantly.

Alina was a sweetheart. She always had a smile and a hug for everyone. She always made our house warmer and more fun just by being in it. I know that she felt right at home in our house and that she knew we loved her. I miss her and will never forget her. Happy birthday, Alina.


My Very Best Friend
For Alina

By Jason Carney

How to describe my very best friend?
She’s one of a kind
No other even comes close to her
A shining jewel in my otherwise blackened existence.
She cares greatly for others,
And puts their needs in front of her own.

No matter what I do
She still cares for me,
And never turns her back to me.

Through thick and thin
She’s always been a friend.
I could always count on her
She always instilled confidence in me.

Ever since the start of our friendship
She’s accepted me for who I am.
I don’t have to act a certain way for her,
She liked me just the way I was.

Around her I have a feeling of security,
That I have with no other.
I can really be myself with her,
And not worry about rejection.

How well she knows me
Is a scary yet comforting feeling.
She can tell when I’m down,
Or I need to laugh, or just need a hug.

She always has a hug to offer me
On these gloomy days,
And brings a smile to my face when I’m down.

She’s always willing to listen,
When I need to talk,
And gives me advice
When I need council.

I never had such a great friend
And I thank God for our friendship.
Ah, she is a great best friend,
My very best friend indeed.

(Written by Jason for Alina)


© 2013 Rebecca R. Carney



11 thoughts on “Remembering Alina

  1. Remembering Alina, on her birthday. I look forward to seeing her in Heaven. I remember how horrified she was that I was going to ask Jason to grade papers for my class where she was a student. I feel blessed to have witnessed their friendship. It was very special.

  2. This touched me deeply. I am teary and know very well that Alina’s parents are heartbroken, but grateful that she is remembered. Grief carries long tentacles of torture that destroys families. Out of that destruction can come healing – someday. Keep writing, Rebecca – and never give up hope.

  3. Such special, precious memories as you recall their dear friendship, Becky. The poignancy of how young both she and Jason were when taken from you is that she would “only” be 32. She is celebrating in heaven, but here on earth, she is remembered with deep loss and love. I can really hear your hurting heart today. Hugs from California. Debra oxo

  4. How precious. I lost a son from a sudden heart issue when he was 15. The pain never goes away-so much more is lost than a precious life. It is unforgivable. I lost my health, faith and dreams. I will think of you-the “Hellidays” are awful when a loss is always with you.

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