Poignant Days

There are days when I feel your absence so acutely,

Days that remind me of what was,

Days that remind me of what could have been,

Days that remind me of what I wish with all my heart had been.

This is one of these days, and I miss you so much.

I love you, Jason.


© 2017 Rebecca R. Carney

4 thoughts on “Poignant Days

  1. I read your words with tear eyes. My son Jason would have been 30 today. Another birthday without a celebration. He will forever remain frozen in time. My angel.

  2. It’s been 2 1/2 years since our Robbie passed. I believe losing a child is a more severe pain then losing others in the family. Not to dismiss any grief from a loved one is a terrible pain but tha child wraps up hopes and dreams, future grandchildren, helping them move in their first house etc etc. Robbie was our only son and so although it may sound strange my seed to our name is gone Life is now 1000 % different and what we Never would of dreamed it would be yet here we are. I honestly believe our children are all in a far far better place but as one woman recently said in our Grief Group ” we have the hard part of having to survive without them. Figuring out how to live is beyond difficult Every night I walk into his room, kiss his pillow and a flash of memory hits me seeing him from a few years old to 16. I tell him I love him. I ask Christ to tell him that I do
    Then I lay in bed hurt and half empty knowing what I don’t want to know
    It’s a terrible thing It helps to know others are in this terrible group although I wish no one ever had to be

    • Oh, Robert. I’m so sorry. It’s so much more difficult than anyone could ever imagine. Children are our heritage, and we feel like we have not only lost our precious child, but everything they represent. I, too, wish no one ever had to be a part of this terrible group of loss.

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