Who is he?

From my journal dated March 15, 2002:

People know who this kid is – 18 years old!

The sheriff’s guys said that it sounded to them like he was a good kid who made poor choices. I’ve also heard he was known for being a wild one. I guess I don’t really feel animosity toward him or a real rage for revenge. But I don’t want him to get away with it!!! It just goes against my sense of justice. I don’t want this to fall through the cracks at the prosecutor’s office.

I can’t imagine having the death of two young people on your hands…and then getting away with it. The guilt would eat you up…if you have any conscience at all!

They didn’t catch him in time to charge him with drunk driving. His friends say that he wasn’t drinking…but I don’t believe that. He was supposedly the one who bought the alcohol.

Who sold alcohol to an underage kid, anyway?? Who helped him get it? They need to be held responsible, too!

It seems like so many people know who this guy is that hit Jason and Alina. It feels like swirling knowledge around us, swirling around our house, around school. My math teacher said that last Tuesday she had someone tell her his project wasn’t done because his best friend had killed two people on Sunday. Another person called the sheriff to say they had heard the accident discussed, and that the guy that hit them was bragging how he got away with it.

How sad. Why would he do that?

His friends are protecting him. I hope some of them – a lot of them – feel so bad that they start talking. I just pray that one of those kids has the guts to be honest and tell the truth!

(Background information: Seattle Times article)

© 2011 Rebecca R. Carney