My Teflon-coated Brain

From my journal dated November 6, 2002:

I live in a state of exhaustion. I go to bed tired. I wake up tired. I’m tired almost all day.

I have such trouble getting my mind to concentrate any more. I have a big accounting test tomorrow, and I don’t feel at all prepared. It’s like I study the material, but it slides right off…like my brain is teflon-coated right now.

I’m so used to getting things and being able to get things done when I sent my  mind to it. It’s just such a tremendous effort right now.



I had started attending Edmonds Community College in January 2002, two months before Jason died. After many years of homeschooling, I felt like I was transitioning into the next phase of my life – one where I went back to school, got more education, and got a full-time job in the field of business administration.

I am proud of the fact that, no matter how hard it was to keep going and to do anything after Jason died or how much I felt like nothing was sticking to my teflon-coated brain, I kept going to school. I was on the Dean’s List every quarter, and I graduated from Edmonds Community College with a GPA of 3.66.

I have just completed a Paralegal Certification Program through the University of Miami with a 96.67% and am studying to take the National Association of Legal Assistants exam in September of this year.

Then I just need to find a good job!!