I have been nominated for several awards since starting this blog. I feel like I have neglected to thank those who have so kindly nominated me and to explain why I haven’t followed up on these nominations.

First, let me explain why I haven’t followed through with these nominations. Each nomination comes with a list of items to do – thank the person who nominated you, nominate seven or ten or however many people, say why you’ve nominated them, tell things about yourself, answer questions about yourself, etc. As I said in my previous blog, I’ve really hit a wall in my writing. Writing is not something that comes naturally to me. I have to work at it. For some reason, the requirements associated with these awards feels overwhelming to me and feels like too much. Everything we do takes energy. I feel like I need to put my “writing” energy into writing my blog and so I have decided to forgo the award process entirely. I really appreciate the nominations, though, and the kind thoughtfulness and support that goes along with each one.

Secondly, let me thank those who have nominated me.

I Am Part of the Word Press Family Award: Transformed by the Journey

Most Influential Blogger Award: All In The Day of Me

Beautiful Blogger Award: His Eye Is On The Sparrow and Light in the Chaos

Best Moment Blog: Tersia Burger

The Liebster Award: My Journey’s Insight and Growthlines

Thought Provoking Blog Award: Marcy Blesy – Children’s Books: Lots to Say, Lots to Learn

Lovely Blog Award: For Those Who Weep

Very Inspiring Blog Award: Joy Returns

Candle Lighter Award: Step On a Crack…or Break Your Mother’s Back

Kreative Blogger Award: Step On a Crack…or Break Your Mother’s Back

Thank you to all for your support and kind nominations. (I think I found all of the nominations, but forgive me if I missed acknowledging some.)

liebster-award3 wordpressfamilyaward_2 beautiful_bloggerawardpurple_rev best-moment-award thought-blog onelovelyblog images-19untitled-75 inspiring-blogger-award

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