My Heart is Heavy

My heart is heavy today. The world sometimes seems like such a harsh and unkind place.

I grieve for those who lost their lives in the Colorado shooting yesterday, for their families who are just beginning a walk of loss no one would ever want.

I grieve for little children left on a school bus, unable to get out of the heat, by those who were supposed to take care of them.

I grieve for little girls abducted while riding their bikes.

I grieve for children who grow up too early because they are allowed to play violent video games, watch movies and TV inappropriate for children. Parents and caregivers: Don’t you know once a child has heard, seen, or experienced something that it stays with them FOREVER?? What is the matter with you that you don’t give your children a chance to just be innocent children?

I grieve for little children who lose their innocence because of the inattentiveness or lack of caring by parents or caregivers and for those children molested, harmed or killed at the hands of those who were supposed to care for and protect them.

I grieve for the basic lack of kindness and caring that human beings are capable of showing to each other. Kindness matters. Compassion matters.

Shouldn’t our motto be “Do no harm”?

Oh, God, help us.

© 2012 Rebecca R. Carney